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Why am I hearing voices?

Posted on: 2017-10-01 11:38:50]

basically itís only happened about 5 times my entire life but 3 of them have been close together and recently (it happened last night). When i was lying in bed about to sleep I heard muffled voices, of my dad and my brother, but I was very aware it was in my head. It sounded real but as though they were having a convo inside my head, not like outside my room or something. Also it was muffled but I could make out some words, and what they were saying to each other made no sense. It flowed like a conversation but the things they were saying to each other were not related at all. I also heard my mums voice and others which I didnít recognise. They were the most random sentences and things, they had no meaning. For example I would hear my dad asking for someone to move out his way, I canít really remember what else but they were all saying random things like that. It was really hard to focus and I couldnít block it out, but it was like it was happening in the background at the same time. My inner voice was also louder and it felt like I was talking to myself out loud, even though I was just thinking. Eventually I thought it stopped and I was v close to actually falling asleep and suddenly I hear loads of kids shouting as if they were fighting/playing, and then a womanís voice screaming at them to shut up and stop. It was extremely loud unlike the other voices. I really donít know what it is or was and like I said itís only happened about 5 times but more recently. Can anyone tell me what this is or what it means? Iím kind of confused and scared. For background I suffer w depression and Iím in recovery for anorexia, I'm 17 and female.
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